Missions in March 2022

Even though the weather is still cold and snow is still melting on the ground, our church is wasting no time reaching our community.  March is packed with various outreach opportunities starting with a Share Your Faith Workshop March 12 and 13.  Many folks have signed up to get instruction on how to better share their faith with the unsaved.  Just another way we are fulfilling our mission of ‘Reaching the Lost’.

In addition to that we have the John Brown University Choir coming to sing here at the church on Friday, March 18th.  JBU has blessed us with their music for the past several years and I feel sure this year will be no exception.  I hope you will mark your calendar to join us on the 18th.

March 1-31 is when we focus on giving to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.  This offering began in 1895 by the Woman’s Missionary Union® (WMU) to benefit the work of the Home Mission Board, now known as the North American Mission Board.  During a time time when there was little opportunity for women, Annie organized women to pray, to give and to meet the needs around them.  She challenged pastors and churches to action and rallied vital support for missionaries.  Ultimately, Annie was recognized for her visionary leadership that still inspires millions today.  In 1934, it was named in honor of Annie for her bold missions advocacy and WMU’s first national executive leader.  Today, more than $2 billion has been donated by Southern Baptist churches and individuals.

In the book of Mark we read, “Then Jesus said to them, ‘Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.’” Mark 1:17 NKJV  All throughout the book of Acts (the book our pastor is presently preaching from) we see example after example of faithful saints doing just that, being fishers of men. They went wherever the Lord led them and shared the Good News of Jesus Christ.  In Acts we read how thousands of men, women, boys and girls put their faith in Jesus as their Savior because of their faithfulness to GO.  During the month of March we have reminders all throughout our church that our mission is still the same today.  We are to be ‘fishers of men’.  I hope you’ll come and join us as we read from the book of Acts and hear about those who have gone before us to make a difference in our world.  Those who gave so that we might hear the Good News!