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EDUCATE YOURSELF DAILY: Events change quickly. Keep up daily. These websites assist with hard facts about COVID-19 and the big picture not speculation. Most of the information comes from professionals. They explain the big picture and provide additional information from reliable sources.


The go to website for US citizens to know just about everything big picture.  Basic information includes what to do if you are sick, how to care for others, how to keep your home safe, clean, emergency preparedness, etc.


World Health Organization provides reliable world-wide big picture information with additional links to valuable resources.


John Hopkins University has some great visual graphics to visually keep up with the virus.


Provides up to date information in-state.


President Trump and Whitehouse response


Broader Evangelical articles covering large area of topics


Arkansas Democrat Gazette

PREPARE YOURSELF 4-8 WEEKS: If you are sick, need medicine, shop online, the sites below could assist you. All of the information is subject to change. The online shopping websites provide easy access to necessities while avoiding contact with people. If you are not familiar with online shopping, try it. If you want to create an account but do not know how, call the church office. If you need assistance with going after groceries, call the church office.

8.      Where to go if you are sick?

a.       Call your PCP first. Most have triage in place. Will look at symptoms, travel history and exposure possibilities.

b.      MILD: Stay home and self-medicate if possible.

c.       SERIOUS: Need to be seen by your Dr. If you are serious enough for ER, your Dr. will call ahead to the ER to prep
them for your arrival for their protection.

d.      HIGH RISK: Older Adults and those with chronic illness: contact your PCP early so they are aware of you being a possibility for ER care if needed.

 9.      Cornerstone Pharmacy (479-876-6200) – Unless this changes, they offer free delivery of meds – same day – Cornerstone Pharmacy of Bella Vista. 1 Mercy Way #50


Shop online to avoid contact with others


Shop online to avoid contact with others


Shop online to avoid contact with others


Limiting physical contact creates rich opportunities for us to stay in touch in other ways. Below are reminders that VBC cares for you. VBC has five layers of care to connect VBC community with faith, hope and love. In God we trust. By prayer/Word we live. For man we pray.

First – Prayer (sent by email weekly on Wednesdays and emergency emails as needed)

SecondDeacons (your deacon will contact you periodically by email, phone or text)

ThirdLIFT facilitators/group (your facilitator or someone in your LIFT group will keep you in the loop)

FourthSunday School (SS participants will remind you that God is in control and pray for you).

FifthPastor (I will pray for you, serve you and keep us focused on God first and foremost. Let’s take challenge as an opportunity to partner with God to reach, renew and restore through the power of the gospel).

Choir: Our church choir is involved in all of the above, but Sheilah will keep in touch with the choir periodically. Sheilah, as staff, is available if you need assistance.

Our Community/Region at large: BLESS = Pray, Listen, Engage, Serve, Share. Stay connected with your VBC family but pray for the USA to turn to Christ. God wants to use you in this time. Be a voice for God. Be a witness for Christ. Be the Holy Spirit’s vessel to spread the gospel.

13.  VBC Family Mapping – VBC families grouped by address. Call the VBC office to find out who in the church is your closest neighbor.

14.  Deacons/LIFT Groups– Know your deacon. Calls/Emails/Text is a two-way street. Don’t be afraid to reach out if you need assistance. Consult your VBC phone directory. Call someone and stay connected. Pray together.

15.  VBC Facebook

Check it out. VBC is a great church. Let’s become greater with God’s help.